Every worship gathering is built around a theme from Scripture.

Our United Church of Christ practice is to read the day’s scripture, then hear a meditation on that scripture from the day’s preacher.
You will find  those meditations here. We include a Scripture Readings booklet, the video segment, and a transcript.

January 17, 2021

Jesus Begins

When we are at inaugural moments we hang on every word of the one who is beginning. The hometown pleasure of the listeners to Jesus “inaugural sermon” gives way to rage when he makes
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What Now?

In outrageous times we may be at a loss as to how we find common ground. John’s razor-sharp responses to the crowd’s questions point them toward a way that they know—but did not follow
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Name It

We have hopes and expectations and dreams and fears for our children. The Boy visiting the House of God was living under two sets of expectations and the dreams of one cannot always allay the fears of the other.
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December 27, 2020

Essential Workers

Rebroadcast of Rev Matt’s meditation on “Essential Workers” from our Christmas Eve 2020 Candlelight service. With Laura Intravia and the Center Church Choral Ensemble.
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God, With You

When our plans are derailed by circumstances beyond our control it’s natural to feel isolated and alone. Mary’s (and Elizabeth’s) story is one of derailment and a new path walked with God’s Holy Spirit.
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Joy, Forever

A “new normal” that normalizes separation and oppression and poverty for ordinary people is no normal at all. Isaiah the 3rd outlines a norm that rebuilds from the rubble and lifts up the crushed
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Extravagant Mercy

The question about when we can get back to real worship in our real church sanctuaries has led to real disorientation and harm. Joel’s word is that God offers us covenant love and extravagant
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November 29, 2020

It Got Real

We may treat rules and regulations and laws as necessary but irrelevant details until we find them applying to us. It was Darius who found himself bound by a seemingly-harmless decree that put Daniel
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New Day

Whether we brush facts aside or embrace them truth is truth and things will change. The indifference of Jehoiakim to the truth led to Judah’s downfall and left the promise of a new day
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In hazardous and uncertain times our impulse is to go to the ramparts and do battle. Isaiah’s vision grounds God’s strength in a different realm—the realm of holiness. Our disarming gift to our neighbor
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Preach It, Jonah!

In the aftermath of a stunningly divisive time we still have the matter of people who want to skewer us. Jonah does not have a choice about going to Ninevah and even couches God’s
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When we dwell on perceived scarcity and hostility we circle the wagons and hold tight to what we have. Out of nowhere Elijah speaks up and is sustained by ravens and a starving widow
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