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300+ years of experience

Sometimes it can be tough to know if your donation is being used well.  Center Church has been at the heart of New Haven and connected to the people here for over 3 centuries.

It is only through donations like yours that the church can continue to do the work that it does.

What can I do?

Be a part of the life of the church!  Come to worship, join us as we work within and for the community around us.

Or maybe you can donate some of your time and talents for church related projects.  There are many ways to give.




We accept financial donations as well to continue our work as a church and also as a treasured historical site.

The crypt is fragile.  The beautiful buildings come with a lot of responsibility for their proper maintenance.  We want to continue to provide the food and services that we do for the New Haven community.

We greatly appreciate anything you can do to help!

You can donate online or contact us for more options.

Easy and secure.